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4 Ton Tents

Glamping in Comfort in Converted Army Trucks

Experience the Wild

Camp in style in the middle of Westacre Estate, Norfolk. Home to an extraordinary rewilding project.

A place for the adventurous seeking a truly wild experience.  Glamping in converted army trucks and tents in the heart of the Norfolk countryside within easy reach of a 2000 acre rewilding project where iron-age pigs, exmoor ponies and white park cattle roam free. Ideal for 3 families who want to escape the humdrum of daily life and let nature take hold. 

Keep an eye out for red, fallow and roe deer as well as foxes, badgers, stoats and weasels. Hunting buzzards circle overheard and the nearby River Nar is teeming with fish, voles, frogs and mayflies. If you’re lucky you may even spot the flashing brilliance of an otter!

Find out more about our rewilding project here. 

Glamping in Norfolk

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We were listed in the best glamping sites in Norfolk on Field Mag.

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