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Outside Living

At the heart of the camp is a huge fire pit; a place to gather beneath the stars and listen for owls and bats overhead. We will provide plenty of wood for your stay.


There is a canvas awning to one side as shelter from the sun or the rain with long tables for large dinners, card games, etc. 

There are two barbecues to create that classic outdoor cooking feel. We provide plenty of charcoal and fire starters for all the cooking you want. 


Gathering, Cooking...

Outside cooking

We have converted an army trailer into a canvas covered kitchen and bathroom (no bath!) The open sided kitchen has cupboards, crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and a plumbed in sink for washing up with hot water and cold for drinking.


There are 4 gas hobs and a couple of barbecues for cooking. We have made sure your food can be kept cold with 3 cold boxes - which can be filled with ice - for your drinks and food.  There are two USB sockets in the kitchen for charging your phones (there is 4G on site for most networks).



Hot Showers & Loos

Rainbow Loo/Shower block 

Flushable loos & power showers – yes actual power showers, basins and a super supply of hot water.

There are two showers and four loos and an alfresco bath tub. This facility, like the kitchen is solar powered (everything is) and water comes from a bore hole drilled specially to feed the site. While bears may happily sh*t in the woods we’d so rather you didn’t, and to that end have created a woodland washing/bathing facility like no other.​

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